What kind if Journalist am I?


I’m mostly interested in broadcast Journalism like radio and television. This is mainly because I have worked at a radio station before and aspire to be amongst people like Ellie Crisell who started off reporting on NewsRound and now reports the 60 seconds news for BBC One.

  • Radio 1Xtra
  • BBC News
  • Channel 4 News
  • This Morning
  • Radio City
  • World News at 1

I enjoy watching and listening to the examples listed above because it gives me a good mix of different journalist topics and publishing platforms whilst all being aimed at different target audiences. Therefore getting the ‘news’ from differed perspectives and finding alternative ways to take in information.

I enjoy radio and would like to get involved with local radio stations and within the university to give me the experience I need for broadcasting to the public I also enjoy writing stories about local event in my area and sharing it wit peers and family on a more low key level. Aside from these I enjoy keeping fit and exercising, socialising with friends, and keeping up with the latest trends although I might not always follow them.

I enjoy reading and viewing the sites and forums about keeping fit as it motivates me to keep and eye on what I’m eating…and drinking, to make sure I stay healthy. I also enjoy the fashion blogs as the top listed example is made by a girl I went to college with and is talented in keeping up to date with global trends and how to get them a bargain price.


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