Reflection 2


I have had many difficulties using Word Press. The first being tweaking my blog to customise my header with these instructions;

1. Go to the Dashboard for your blog.

2. Click “Appearance”.

3. Choose “Header”.

4. Find the line that says: “Images of exactly (w) × (h) pixels will be used as-is.”

5. Note down the value of “(w) × (h) pixels” (for example, it may be 940 x 120 pixels).

6. Make your header image or logo in Photoshop, Illustrator or other tool of your choice – using the dimensions that you noted down.

7. Save it in an appropriate format (JPEG for photographic imagery, PNG for everything else) to your local drive.

8. Go back to “Appearance > Header” in your Word Press blog’s Dashboard.

9. Upload the image you created.

10. If the image is bigger than the available area, you’ll be prompted to crop it down.

11. Publish the new header image.

However finding the section which gave me the correct width and height was difficult as it presented the measurements in pixels, so look out for this!

Also I found it difficult to make custom menus in Word Press, but the online video helped me to understand how to create them, sub categorise them and remove them with ease. My blog is still in the process of development and I am still learning how to use word press to my advantage, so I have kept the layout simple and open for change. I was confused on how to sub categorise as I don’t have enough pages and posts to interlink them yet, but once I do I think it will be a great tool for followers to get to the pages and posts they want.

So far I am happy with the aesthetics of my site and hope to create more posts relevant to my niche audience. I have completely changed the theme of my site and uploaded my first picture instead of having it as a header. I also think the colour scheme is more appealing that the last one as it is more bright and endearing.


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