Panic for NHS staff redundancies. (sub-editied version)


NHS Staff all over England face “rock bottom morale” due to downgrading staff and possible redundancies.

Four London A&E departments are closing emergency treatment centres due to staff shortages and downgrades, according to BBC News.

A legal challenge to downgrade four West London A&E departments has been rejected.

Under the ‘Shaping a Healthier Future Programme’ A&E units are under threat in Charing cross, Central Middlesex, Hammersmith and Ealing. The Ealing council leader announced “The NHS want to treat people like guinea pigs in the largest experiment in its history and we believe it is only right that our very serious concerns get proper consideration”.

Other areas of the country are facing similar problems.

‘Rock bottom morale’ and ‘panic’

A document was accidentally made viewable to staff at Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital, according to BBC News Liverpool.

A message saved to a public computer folder proposed 20 possible redundancies among nursing and administration staff at Alder Hey in West Derby. Staff say it caused “rock bottom morale” and “panic”.


A plan to downgrade Dewsbury and Pontefract hospitals has also been agreed, according to BBC News; Leeds & West Yorkshire

The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust want seriously ill Dewsbury and Pontefract patients to be treated in Wakefield.

Wakefield and Kirklees health scrutiny joint committee said it was not convinced the proposals were in the “best interests” of residents.

This scenario has been a worry amongst NHS hospitals staff. These downgrades leave NHS workers with the threat of loosing up to £14,000 a year with 3 years protected pay.

Official government Human Resources Policy No. HR11 states;  “under this arrangement staff who are downgraded continue to receive their basic pay for a period of three years” of section 6.2.1.

Staff struggle to properly and safely treat patients in the face of cuts. Mrs Fiona Selby, 46, a staff nurse at Alder Hey said, “We’re running on bare minimum staff and care sometimes suffers because of staff shortages.”



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