Reflection 4


Primary and secondary sources 

The difference between primary and secondary sources are;

A primary source is material that you gather yourself.

Primary sources may be:

* Quotes from an interview you conducted yourself.

* Data from polls you conducted yourself

* Information from statistics, reports or white papers.

* Material directly gathered via social media.

* Media that you created yourself – including photographs.

A secondary source is an article, document or report that is used as source material for another article.

Secondary sources may be:

* Quotes used from newspaper articles.

* Information from blogs or online sources

* Quotes from books, documentaries or other narrative sources.

* Material found on social media

Primary sourcing is vital to a story because you get the human story and the person’s true opinions and feelings. It shows good journalism skills and demonstrates your ability to communicate with members of the public. This give your reader an insight on peoples opinions on the subject area you are writing about.

When discussing interviews the things that stood out to me was the fact that journalists can now use Skype as a source of interviewing. These Skype calls can be recorded for future use using two easy methods, these are;

Method One – costs 1.6p per minute

* Buy some credit on Skype and call your interviewee’s phone number.

* Record the interview.

Method Two – free

* If your interviewee has Skype – you can make a “Skype-to-Skype” call, for free.

* Record the interview.

The advantages of using Skype are that it is ready to edit and can be used online with no messing around with discs or cables.


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