Creating a Pitch for my final peice


Aspiring artists to embark on a journey so amazing you would be foolish not to go with them.

First paragraph: This will give a brief description on who ‘Rime Suspex’ and ‘Allessandria’ are including their names, age and where they’re all from. Also the debut tracks that have been released so far and how they formed. E.G) Rime Suspex as a band and Allessandria as a female vocalist.

Content: The body of my article will include…

  • Direct quotes
  • Story around their struggles and hardships trying to make it big
  • What they are doing today
  • How they have made is this far E.G) what both acts have already achieved
  • How people react to their music E.G) gig turnouts

The article will be 800 words long, including information on upcoming performances, how to listen to their music online and on social media and contact numbers.


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