Reflection 5


Following on from last weeks tasks and lectures, personally I found that the sub-editing section of the seminar helped me to not only persevere with the development of my work but also improve it. I did this by shortening sentences to make them more precise and easier to read. I also included some primary source material from a staff nurse working at one of the hospitals that was under scrutiny by the press. This helped my piece to have more human emotion helping my audience to get a true feeling from the people that downgrades and redundancies are affecting .

Too improve your posts by adding images, here is how to do it;

  • Firstly click your cursor anywhere in the text where you want your image to be
  • Click the media icon ‘Add Media’
  • Then Click on ‘Media Library’
  • Choose the picture you want to use and click ‘Show’
  • Choose where you want it to sit ‘Left, Centre or Right’
  • Choose the size you want your image to be
  • Then Click ‘Insert into post’

To edit the image after posting just click on the image and again choose from the options available to modify it in your post.

Most photographic images online are JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group images, the reasons for this are;

  • JPEG supports 16.7 million colour per image
  • It is accepted as a default format for photos on the web
  • its aggressive compression makes file sizes smaller
  • it is supported in all major web browsers
  • Many cameras can write images

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