Reflection 6


When creating a pitch I think it is necessary in the development process of an article because:

  • More time to form better ideas
  • Create an enticing structure
  • Gives the person you are pitching too an incite of the points you will make
  • Time to think what makes your story popular. ( in relation to my pitch some sort of hardship or struggle for the artists would interest the public more)
  • Helps to initiate ideas for primary and secondary sources.

When gathering material for different stages of your assignment a smart phone is the best tool to have because:

  • Smart phone have between 5 and 8 megapixels on the cameras
  • They provide instant publication to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Easy post production e.g.) cropping and resizes images
  • Convenient
  • Discreet
  • Most printed newspapers have spotted the popularity of the smartphone and created Apps to make news more accessible.
  • Smartphone can take notes, verbal or text
  • voice record
  • make calls store contacts and information
  • schedule and plan

Here is an example of a news story with video footage filmed on a Smartphone. With very little text the story helps to convey the human story and show the audience how the event actually happened. If the video was not there it would not have the same effect.


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