Reflection 7


* Why is curation useful in the age of digital journalism?

In this day and age most journalistic content is published online using competing sources like;

  • Twitter/Facebook/Social Networks
  • YouTube/Vimeo/Online Videos
  • Blogs
  • Photo sharing service
  • Traditional News Sites

Each of these may contain fragments of a possible story. Therefore using a curation in the age of journalism help to bring together these fragments into a coherent home. It does this by creating and shaping stories from lots of different sources of data.

* List articles have been around for a long time – but what do you think are some of the main reasons they are popular online?

List articles are popular online as most people in this day an age scan information rather than actually reading it. Therefore creating List Articles can be;

  • A strong “call to action”- fulfilling a need of the reader
  • They are often practical containing tips and instructions
  • They have short nuggets of information readers may not know
  • They are packed with information, but few thrills
  • They cater to shorter attention spans
  • They are easy to format in print, or online
  • They have tempting titles that drive traffic to sites or make readers buy magazines

* How do you feel you are progressing with the development of your first assignment? What problems have you encountered and solved?

As my assignment is based on contacting upcoming artists it has been difficult as they are always busy. Not only with working on their hopeful careers but most importantly schooling and day to day life. I have solved these by using more personal and conventional ways of contacting them by messaging on Facebook etc. However, I feel  I am progressing as daily I am finding out more about the people I am writing about, whether it be related to their talents or not.



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