Reflection 8


* How has the feedback you’ve had in workshops changed your approach to the main assignments you’re producing?

My feedback in workshops has helped me to develop my ideas into pieces that would be more unique to me. Also it has helped me to focus on niche audiences which was my initial focus for this module. I have been able, due to feedback, to find stronger sources of data and ways to get direct quotes.

* How well do you feel you’ve managed your time over the last nine weeks?

I feel I have managed my time well and am looking to further develop my research section of my blog to track what extra work I have done to contribute to my final assignment decisions.

* If you could go back to week one and give yourself some advice to help you out with the module, what would you tell yourself?

My advice to myself would be to research different ways of publishing online. Mainly subjects around images online and how they are used. Also the software and technology that helps journalists to report and write, for example smartphones.



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