5 people injured in plane crash at Hertfordshire Airport


Sub-edited version:

PoliceThere have been 5 serious casualties and 2 people suffered with minor trauma after a passenger aircraft got into difficulties upon landing at Hertfordshire international airport.

At 10:17am, flight B1234 crash landed on the runway and veered off onto the grass before setting on fire. At 11:15am Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue service got to the scene.

The flight was operated by Jock Air and was landing from Amsterdam when an aircraft emergency was declared. The emergency services rushed to help the passengers.

31 people were on board, but Police say everyone has been accounted for. The injured passengers have now been taken to the General Infirmary by the Hertfordshire Ambulance service.

Injured Passengers

Louise Pountain, one of the injured passengers said “It was horrendous, there was things hanging down from the cabins and I could hear crying.”

Before the crash, there had been two other documented incidents with Jock Air flights in the last 3 years, both were pilot errors.

James Thompson, an aviation expert concluded that the plane involved in the incident was the same model involved in two previous accidents.

Scene of the Crash

The police are not investigating any crime until the Aircraft Accident Investigation Branch take over the scene.

Richard Caldwell, Hertfordshire Police, said, “This event is not being treated as suspicious, the intention is to preserve life and limb to make sure that everyone is cared for.”

Due to the crash Hertfordshire International Airport was closed until further notice. The A956, Wimbles Lane and Pinecone Lane were closed and officers were manning them.

For anyone seeking advice and in need, please contact the survivor’s reception centre on: 0000 111 2222


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