Reflection on Curation research


My first choice for one of my final pieces for Digital Publishing was going to be a curation about homeless people at Christmas. Following another post in my workshop section, titled ‘Curation pitch’, I illustrated that a curation consists of mainly secondary sources.

Using these secondary sources, you put together your own story with the information found and include links to the pages and sites to avoid copyright. However, during the research process I concluded that finding useful information about homeless people was difficult, especially when writing to a niche like at Christmas time. All I seemed to find was websites about charities, food banks and people who are involved in helping the homeless, but not much about statistics or first hand experiences that I felt I could link naturally in a story.

Therefore, after researching and looking into different options for my final piece I have decided to be my own food critic and write a list article on vegetarian food. This specifying what restaurants in Leeds Trinity Kitchen have the best and the worst vegetarian menu.

All this is explained in more detail in my ‘List Article Pitch’ in the Workshops category.


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