Twitter Workshop



This screenshot demonstrates how I have followed people and businesses on twitter related to journalism and news who are verified or have over 3,000 followers.

This is to increase the reach my tweets have so more people can interact with me and read my tweets.

This is beneficial in the industry as it helps your research and hard work be viewed by people who may be interested. But most importantly, the stories you have written will be seen by news companies, writers, editors and journalists who are potentially your target market aside from the public.





As you can see I have followed and used Tweepi to further increase my tweet reach.

It helped me to find specific journalists that im interested in and other specific people or companies on twitter.

I also used WeFollow which helps find people in relation to specific specialisms. e.g. Broadcast journalism, digital publishing, broadsheet writing, editorial skills etc.





Nina L. Diamond has created on her Twitter account has created a large number of public lists to categorise different types of journalists in the industry.

This helps people following her to find and reach professionals quickly and easily.

Diamond also categorises businesses and companies, not all necessarily related to Journalism. Some which she is interested or some which she may believe her followers to be interested in. e.g. Doc Martin


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