My Questions Answered…Allessandria and Rime Suspex


I asked the two artists these questions for my article:

•What hardships or rejection have you faced while trying to make it?

•Why have you chosen not to get involved with television shows like x factor or the voice?

•Other than gigs how else are you trying to promote your brand?

•When are you thinking of making a new album?

•How have the public responded to your independent promotion?

•Ultimately where do you want to reach in the profession? Is fame the dream?

 Alessandria’s reply to questions:

Hi Tasha,

1. Singing has always been a part of my life, but I only realised this year that this is definitely what I want to do… to have a career and know that I would always enjoy it no matter how hard things could be. The hardships are trying to get contacts with people. It’s difficult to know who’s who, who will try to use you and who are the good people that will believe in you. Rejection is most commonly from YouTube or media, as that horrible dislike button or a simple dislike comment can make you feel absolutely miserable. You have to be tough skinned…

2. I am in two minds about XFactor / The Voice. Is it a celebrity machine or does it actually manufacture singers that stand the test of time in the industry? I want to be recognised for my hard work and passion, but there are parts of me that think if I was on these programmes and got through to finals that my dream would be there one minute, then gone the next. I do not think I would want to put myself through that. However, being in the current competition I am in has really pushed me to want to enter Xfactor next year. Luke Friend who won a similar competition to mine is doing exceptionally well!

3. FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, BITSTRIPS, SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE, and REVERBNATION are all fantastic media tools to promoting what I do. It is extremely tiring posting all the statuses and photos etc., but you have to keep fans interested and make others notice you. I also spend a mass amount of time ringing radio stations, newspapers and councils trying to gain more support from those who are yet to discover who I am.

4. it’s only recently that I have realised that I want my own branding and own music material. So I am going to get my head down very soon and concentrate on writing an album.

5. From only having 50 likes on Facebook, in the matter of two months I have over 350 Likes and that’s from pure self-promotion. I have a growing follower population on Twitter and my YouTube videos are hitting off too, so the public are responding very well! I even have a few fans that come and watch everywhere I go locally. The only way is up!

6. I wish to have at least three No.1’s, No.1 Album and more than five minutes fame. To be up there as a female icon like Adele, Rihanna, Jessie J… something brand new and what the music scene needs. That I still have to find. For every singer, fame is the dream. But what fame costs is another thing, no privacy and always in the public eye? I suppose when the time comes (if it does) of breaking fame, I’ll know whether I truly want it. For now, I know I DEFINITELY DO!

Miranda from Rime Suspex reply to questions:

Question 1 what hardship and rejection have you faced whilst……

We have faced rejection in the past but because we believe in ourselves as a band and know were good at what we do it just seems to go right past us and even determines us to do better and show them. If we get rejected from one person that doesn’t like our music then that’s just their opinion and their entitled to that, there are plenty of other people out there that love our music.  After all rejection is all part of building your strength and making you better as a performer and survive the business.

Question 2 At the moment we are not planning on entering one of those shows just because we want to see how far we can get without it. But in the future we will see what happens.

Rory Myles’ reply to questions:

Rob Duckett- 25

Rory Myles- 21

Miranda Myles- 18

Question 1: I guess the hardship of trying to make it is as a band is your music not being recognized to the level you believe it should. The main difficulty with us isn’t the quality of the music as we believe in that 100%. It’s just trying to find a way to get it out to as many people as possible. It also can be quite hard to have to go from doing a great gig back to everyday life as we can’t do this as a career yet, if it was up to us we’d be doing it 24/7!

In terms of rejections, you get them all the time, it comes with the territory but you can’t let it knock you back. Every great band has had disappointments and rejections, you’ve just got to make sure you know it’s them and not you, and believe in what you’re doing.

Question 2: A number of reasons really. Firstly because we’re quite an independent band who likes to choose what songs we perform, what we wear etc. I’m sure that Cowell would have us making rap versions of 1 direction songs in matching outfits.

Another reason is that it all seems a bit too easy, when I watch the musicians I look up to being interviewed they often say how the journey is the best part. These overnight ‘successes’ bypass all of that, I’m not denying TV shows like that are a great promotional tool, but imagine the feeling of satisfaction you’d get from getting the same level of popularity as a singer from X factor without selling your soul to the devil. Finally I don’t know if we quite ‘fit in’ with their idea of what a pop star is. I’m sure the lyrics to ‘Money’ embody everything Simon Cowell stands against.

Question 3: Our Debut EP is available to buy on iTunes now, we’ve got our first music video ‘Escort’ coming out January time and they’ll be some march coming soon!

Question 4: There will be an album coming out in the future! All the tracks are already written and we’re recording at the moment, but we’re pushing the EP at the moment and making sure as many people have heard that as possible to create some hype and demand. But there’s an album coming and it’s going to be sick!

Question 5: Everyone who hears us seems to like us, and if they don’t they’re keeping it to themselves. I think everyone’s pleased for us and the support and feedback we’ve had so far is brilliant.

Question 6: I never see it as a profession, it’s my expression! As long as I keep feeling there’s things I want to say and music I want to create I’ll stick at it. Obviously it would be brilliant to be able to make enough money to be comfortable from doing something you love.

As for fame, I can’t speak for the others, but I’m not going to lie when I say; I’d love to be famous. And let’s be honest, if you say you wouldn’t you’re only lying to yourself. I’d want to be famous for doing something good though, if you’re famous for being on Big Brother or TOWIE you may as well not have bothered.


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