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Aspiring artists to embark on a journey so amazing you would be foolish not to go with them.

Two aspiring artists have already made themselves known to the public and are battling to make themselves credible in the music industry.

rime suspex Rime Suspex

Rime Suspex, a trio from Blackburn, have been making soul soaked melodies with urban poetry since they joined in January 2013.

Rory Myles, 21, Rob Duckett (Vivid), 25 and Miranda Myles, 18 are great friends and enjoy nothing more than gigging together. Rime Suspex recently performed at the Blackburn light switch on alongside Matt Cardle and gained complementary media coverage for their show stopping performance.

Aside from performing, the band are always trying to promote what they do. Blogging, posts on Facebook and Twitter and Sound cloud are some of the things they use to do this. But the hardest thing for the trio is rejection.

Rob Duckett (Vivid), 25 said: “I guess the hardship of trying to make it is as a band is your music not being recognized to the level you believe it should. The main difficulty with us isn’t the quality of the music as we believe in that 100%. It’s just trying to find a way to get it out to as many people as possible”.

Building strength and getting to know the industry better is what they want to.

Miranda Myles, 18 said: “We have faced rejection in the past but we believe in ourselves as a band. If we get rejected from one person that doesn’t like our music then that’s just their opinion and their entitled to that, there are plenty of other people out there that love our music.  After all rejection is all part of building your strength and making you better as a performer and survive the business”.

The band always keep high spirits and want to stay true to themselves. Shows like X-Factor and the Voice could offer them the dream they want, but nothing tastes better than a challenge especially for Vivid.

Rob Duckett, 25 said: “I don’t know if we quite fit in with their idea of what a pop star is. I’m sure the lyrics to ‘Money’ embody everything Simon Cowell stands against. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction you’d get from getting the same level of popularity as a singer from X factor without selling your soul to the devil.”

Singing has always been a part of their lives and building their brand and making it big is definitely the dream.

 sam callahanAllessandria

Another upcoming soloist is the beautiful Allessandria, 21, from Widnes who sings effortlessly whilst making her covers unique.

She has recently performed at the Runcorn Christmas lights switch on and promoted her music on several radio stations, most recently Wire FM.

This young star is not just a pretty face, but a hardworking business woman at heart. Allessandria does whatever she can to promote herself and network and was recently seen with X-Factor Star, Sam Callahan in Swinton earlier this month.

Just like Rime Suspex, the soloist has had her fair share of rejection and dislikes online, but not let this stop her from living her dream.

Allessandria, 21 said “Singing has always been a part of my life, but I only realised this year that this is definitely what I want to do. To have a career, and know that I would always enjoy it no matter how hard things could be”.

The young female has also made it to the grand finale of Open Mic UK and received their prestigious exposure award for 2013. Due to this, Allessandria has gained more views on her YouTube channel and followers on Twitter.

X-factor and shows like it aren’t her first protocol.

Also like the trio, Allessandria is in two minds about entering televised singing competitions and wants to be credited for all her hard work and dedication.

“I am in two minds about X-Factor and The Voice. Is it a celebrity machine or does it actually manufacture singers that stand the test of time in the industry? ”Allessandria said.

“I want to be recognised for my hard work and passion. However, being in the current competition I am in has really pushed me to want to enter Xfactor next year. Luke Friend who won a similar competition to mine is doing exceptionally well”.

Both these aspiring artists are still in the process of creating music and learning about the industry. Rime Suspex have their first ever album out called ‘EP’, which selling fast and can be purchased from their Facebook page.

Allessandria however, is preparing herself for the Finale of Open Mic UK, but hopes to have an album out soon too.

“I am going to get my head down very soon and concentrate on writing an album”.

You can access music from both artists online by accessing their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Sound cloud accounts.


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