#Ronaldmcdonald -How Mcdonalds got it wrong on twitter


The re-introduction of the famous McDonald’s mascot has sparked controversy on social media.

People in the US have questioned the come back of the McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald on social media.

The fictional character once played a supposed role in a ‘childs happiness’ and promoted and encouraged people to donate to charities who help children under this household name. The mascot is better known for living in the fantasy world of Mcdonaldland where he has adventures with his friends Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and The Fry Kids.

Over the years he has largely phased out until the character was mocked in a recent advert by a rival fast-food chain, Taco Bell where men with the name Ronald McDonald are shown enjoying a Taco Bell breakfast. This sparked the re-intoduction of the character and now Mcdonalds are trying to give their famous mascot the ‘good name’ it apparently once had.


This unfortunately was not the outcome of the character re- immersing, as Twitter users have used the hashtag to futher mock the character or more slate the company for animal cruelty towards chickens and comapred it to a slaughterhouse.


The comedian Ry Doon, also posted a Vine using the hashtag stating that McDonald’s turns him on.


The mascot was then accused in an article written by Corporate Accountability International which was later tweeted using the hashtag. It accused the fast food chain of ‘getting kids hooked on junk food’ and telling McDonald’s to retire the character as a way to attract young children.


Could the Friendly faced mascot ever make McDonalds look good? What do you think?



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