Hi, my name is Tasha and I’m a student at Leeds Metropolitan University studying Journalism. I am passionate about targeting niche audiences in my blog to give followers something different to view and read about. I come from a small town called Widnes near Liverpool amongst a small tight knit family. I am 20 years old and spent my first year in Leeds studying an LLB Law degree until I changed to Journalism. Being a vegetarian, I understand that it can be sometimes hard for the short pocketed student to create a varied vegetarian menu, so this is what the main focus of my blog shall be.

Attempting to get my name out there in the world I have worked for a company called Champions Life Academy, which is a sales and business internship for students, to improve their employability when applying for jobs in the corporate world. I have also worked with Brookands Radio in Surrey, promoting the charity I was raising money for in the area and how the listeners could help to.

My passed experiences consist of:

  • Achieving my black belt in karate
  • Working with Cheshire Fire Service on a course working with young teenagers
  • Becoming an ambassador for Champions Life Academy

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